Writer and editor Anne Bingham

Anne Bingham

for Business
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Wauwatosa, WI
(Greater Milwaukee)

(414) 517-9380

photo: John Kimpel

Recent Projects

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Here are a few of the writing and editing services I provide on both a continuing or one-time basis for corporate, nonprofit, and individual clients.

Client: Manufacturer
I serve as the firm’s writer-on-call for its personal care line, producing label and sales copy for signature and private label products. I also consult on other projects as needed, most recently providing a ten-minute script for an on-line presentation.

Client: Author
I'm currently working with a Chicago business executive to turn his rough draft into a finished manuscript ready to send to agents and publishers. I'm doing both developmental editing (helping to organize the copy and suggesting areas to expand or delete) and line editing (correcting spelling, fixing punctuation, etc.) When we have a clean, polished manuscript, I'll help write a book proposal and identify appropriate agents and publishers to approach about publishing this nonfiction work.

Client: Grant Writer
I collaborate with a freelance grant writer to brainstorm grant approaches and language, serve as a second pair of eyes to ensure that copy matches RFP requirements, and provide copyediting service as needed.

Client: Co-authors
I helped two arts specialists reorganize and polish a book manuscript on how to create and fund community arts centers.

Client: Agricultural cooperative
The director of a grain co-op hired me to write a 20-minute good news/bad news speech he had to deliver at the annual meeting. I reviewed his first draft, discussed approaches by phone and email, and e-mailed the final draft eight days from his initial contact.

Client: Specialty law firm
I wrote templates for partners to use in letters that introduce the firm’s specialties to three segments of the business community.

Client: Real estate agent
He had a great idea for a promotional brochure, but was too close to the first draft to catch his typing errors. I cleaned up minor inconsistencies in spelling, punctuation and grammar and polished the copy so that his brochure reflected the professional approach of the rest of his client interaction.

Client: Inventor
His project caught the eye of a radio show host, and he hired me to write product information materials. I also wrote press releases when he pitched the product to special-interest consumer magazines.

Client: Medical service provider
The public relations manager of a state-wide agency hired me to proofread the agency’s 37-page annual report. Deadline: one-and-a-half working days. I delivered the completed report to her desk at the start of the second working day.

Client: Local History Society
The Society enlisted a dozen volunteers to research and write captions for a photographic history of the city. I put together a style guide for the project, and copyedited the manuscript to ensure consistency of punctuation, grammar, and spelling.